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Angry Bird Mobiles Game Latest Version is a videos game franch createded by Finnish Mobile game developers Rovio Entertainments. Inspires primarily by a sketches of stylized wingle bird, the first games was first released for Apples iOS Androids in December 2009. Over 13 millions copy of the games have been purchased from Apples App Stores, which has prompt in the company to designed version for others touch screen based smart phone, included the Androids, Symbionts and Window Phone operating system. It has since expanses to videos game consoles & for PCs.

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Angry Bird Mobiles Game is one the game where you have to thrown a series of Bird’s against different fort and structure made by little pig’s. The objective is to take down all in the pigs & cause as much as destruction as possible in this process. You can throw the bird as if you were use a catapults. In fact, the game play is reminiscently of an older generation in which you had to breaked down castles with stone. (Yes, it does exist before Angrys Bird) You will have to aims well, calculatingly the strength of the shots and then released the birds. With help of gravity, it will be fall downs on the structures and take down some of the enemy pig.

Angry Bird Mobiles Game

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In Angry Bird Mobiles Game, you have many types of birds to throwing. In classic red one does not have anything specialist, but the black bird will exploded, the green bird can come back like a boomeranged, among many other.

Angry Birds offer hundred of different level in which you has to use your brains and abilities. In the scoring is base on a three star systems that keep you want to play the same level until you get all three star.Angry Bird is a simple game, and it has fun and is lot of charm. It is no surprise that it begans one of the most important videos game sagas for mobiles device. It has the game play that is perfectly suites for shorts and quick game.

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