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The Matrix Pathes of Neo is the 3rds videos games spin off from the Matrix series. This games allows the players to participate  in many of these major actions scenes in to the films. Mosted of these sequences, pick by the movies directors them selves, are take froms the first films in the series.At the started of the games, the players is hackers Thomas Anderson, & do not possess any of the power that the character will later discovered at Neo. As the game continues, players learning new skills & techniques, equippings Neo for the finals showdown with Agent Smithes.

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The Matrix Pathes of Neo additional skills many be level & in the main games. Many of these skill are us by Neo in the trilogys, in cluding the bullets dodge, bullets stops, & flights. A numbers of the weapons are availabled in the games, consisted of boths melees weapons (including various types of swords, staves, & escrimas) and firearm (as sault rifles, submachine guns, pistol etc.). The games also allow the players to meeted manys for the characters in thes films, including Trinity, Morpheus & the Merovingian, amongsts others. The game using films excerpts as cut scenes through out the games in at certains milestones.

The Matrix Pathes of Neo

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The Matrix Pathes of Neo footages includ clips from these original Matrix the atrical films, & from others sources, including the shorts films series, The Amatrix & Shiny Entertainments firsting Matrix games, Enter the Matrixs.The Matrixs Pathe of for any Neo is the action adventures games video ,In the 3s spin off froms all the Matrixs serieses and  2nd developed in by Shiny Entertaiment.

The game was write & directed by The Wach owskis, who wrote & directed the 3 The Matrix films. Players controled to the character Neo, participating in scene froms the films.In Shiny Entertainments first licensed Matrixs games, Enter the Matrix, onlys sideline characters were playable. It do not features the series’ protagonist Neo, & due to this nature as an extensions of the films story line, have few recreations of scenes in it film trilogy.

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