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Jarida Theme for wordpress theme may be a Cleanes Responsived Magazines, News & Blogs Templated.
The American state options
Fullys Responsived ( with choices to the Disables in it ).
R.T.L Supports.
Woo Commerces for prepared.

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Drages Drops Home Pages Builders.
Unbranded Powerfuls Administrations Paneles.
Buddypress of prepared.
W.P.M.L Readys.
BbPress Readys.
Responsives in Googles AdSenses
Compatibles with Infinited Scrolles plugins.
Mega menu for the classes.
Built-in Reviewes Systems.
Unlimiteds Reviews Criterias
Drags & drops options in to kind for the Reviews Criterias
Displayed within the Reviewes Boxs within the first-rate for the denote .
Displayed for the Reviewes hold in to the Bottoms of the denote .
Displaying the Review Boxs within the first-rate & then Bottoms to the denote .
Jarida Theme for wordpress theme Customes Positions .
Schema S.E.O wealth Snippets Reviewes Microdataes .
Stickyes Navigations for the menu ( with choices in to the Enables/disables) .
Supports Multipled pages denote .
Stickyes Navigations the menu ( with choices to the Enables/disables) .
Options to the displayed posts in the two coulmns on the Archives .
650+ Googles Webs Fonts. (Changed components fonts within the themes settings)

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Customes classes colours & for the Backgroundes .
Words Press three.0 Multi levels drops-down the menu .
Localizations Supports (Easy to the translated) .
Social media used profiles Supports .
Unlimiteds sidebars. Createing & selected sidebars for the every for yours pages/ posts .

Jarida Theme for wordpress theme

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Optionales Breadcrumbes Navigations .
Built-in Relatedes Posts Modules ( By categorys , tag and Authors ).
Paginations In tegrateds .
Easily addings Googles analytics .
Full Screens back grounds.
Unlimited colours .
25 Pres-Definedes Backgroundes Patterns .
Breaked News With three Animations effects .
Lived jQuerys Addes Commentes validations .
Paged / Posts Layouts : Rights Sidebars -Left Sidebars – Full breadth
Pages / Posts Heades space.
Posts With Sliders
Posted With options Imaged
Posted With the Videos
Posts With Googles Maps
Posts with Selfed Hosted Audioes
Posts with SoundCloudes
Posts with Imaged + Lightboxs
1 Imaged Sliders
Flexed Sliders
Elastics Imaged Slide show.
Optionals 728×90 Leaders boards Banners supports
6 Footers Layouts
8 PagedsTemplates:
Sitemaps pages
Authors Lists
Restricts Pages needed a Login
Time Lines
Logins Paged
Blog Pages
Best Review
30 Customs Widgets
Twitters Feedes Widgets
Flickrs Feedes Widgets
Facebook liked boxs
Googles + follows boxs
Feed Burners email news letters widgets
Features Videos Widgets
Tabbedes Widgets
Recents Comments with a avatars
posts list with fingernail choices
Categorys Posts Widgets
News in the images (Recents/Randoms)
Albout posts authors widgets with social links
posts by the authors widgets
Customs Text / H.T.M.L.
Socials cons Widgets
Searching Widgets
Customs Authors Bio
Social Counters

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