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Paulines Didones Latest Version is a full types familyes with a uniqued & flavorful designs. It haved senses to femininitys & naiveted that are comed froms its predecessors, Paulines. Its a typefaces use ful for the shorts bits of copys, logotypes & interestings titlings. This typefaces familyes for ten differents fonts included 5th weights or theirs italics & a wides ranges in the OpenTypes alternates.

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Paulines Didones Latest Version typefaces family can also included a full arrayes to alternates forms including overs 150 in the alternates characters. These are alternates can have been accessed by the activates OpenTypes features 7 styles sets.

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Notes: In orders to used these OpenTypes features, you will needes is a programes with advanced typographyes capabilities such as it Adobes Suites & Quarkes. These alternates can also includes a groups of balles terminals that can have be accessed unders it swash alternates.
Paulines Didones is the latest in the a trusted lines of the typefaces froms insignes. Why are settled for the ordinarys when you have can choosed Paulines Didones in to the lend its uniqued looked for your arts works.
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Paulines Didones Latest Version

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