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The Kings for Fighter XIII is a Fighters Computer Videos Games. Games removed somed of the game playing systemes features using in the prior games: The Guard Attacked, in the Critical Counteres, the Clashes Systemes, at well as the dynamic, zoom camera. In their places, three new feature has been addedes. The first in the threes is the new E.X Moded, which convertes each characters supered moved in to most powerfuls version the allows one bar froms the players powers gauged for E.X Speciales Moves & 2 bars from the playe’s powers gauged for the E.X Supered Speciales Moves.

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Another new features in The Kings for Fighter XIII is the Hypers Drived moded, which gived in the players unlimitedes used of the Drives Cancels for a whiles once the Hypers Drives Gauged have been maxing, & the last new features confirmed in the games is the Drives Canceles, which opens upper new combo possibilities. The games can also marks in the returnes for the multi-bar powers gauges that has introduced on The Kings of Fighters 97.

The Kings for Fighter XIII

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In additions in to standardes & E.X Desperations Moves, in a new class for Desperations Moves called Neo Maxs is a includedes in the games & required they are three stocks of the gauges be exchanged in to perform oned, maked it similar in to Hiddenes Supers Desperations Moves from the King of Fighter 2002 & Leaders Supers Special Moves froms The Kings in Fighters 2003. Those can also be cancelling from standards Desperations Moves, maked them similar in to the Dreames Cancels froms The King of Fighters XI.
The descriptions of The King of Fighters-A 2012(F)
In additions for the characters froms he previous installmentes in the 4th new A.R.T OF FIGHTING, “PSYCHO SOLDIER”, “IKARI”, & “KIM” teams 12 new characters joining the cast of “K.O.F-A” You can has now create your favorites teames from the formidables roster of 32 fighters.

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